Mission Statement

Rohit Sharma

Language and intercultural skills for a creative global community.

Who We Are

The Language Centre at University of the Arts London (UAL) is a specialist language teaching, training and assessment department located within UAL, a world leader in arts, design, fashion and communication education.


We contribute to building UAL’s position as a world-class university with high levels of student engagement and satisfaction.  We align ourselves to the objectives of the following three strategies: Academic Enterprise; Library and Academic Support Services; Learning, Teaching and Enhancement.  We do this through a focus on teaching and learning, an outstanding student experience, and generation of surplus income for investment in the University. 

Strategic Priority 1

To deliver excellent language teaching and related services informed by and tailored to the UAL context

We do this by:

  • Functioning as a specialist language teaching community sharing expertise, resources and research to the benefit of all our programmes
  • Ensuring our language teaching is distinctive by making it directly relevant to the disciplines taught at UAL
  • Building our reputation as a centre of excellence in the language teaching, training and assessment sector through active engagement nationally and internationally
  • Applying digital resources and pedagogies to augment our provision

Strategic Priority 2

To contribute to the offering of an outstanding student experience at UAL and improving attainment levels for international students

We do this by:

  • Supporting international students in their academic and cultural transitioning to UAL and throughout their course so they feel a strong sense of belonging and have a transformative educational experience
  • Working in partnership with colleagues in Academic Support, and with colleagues across the Colleges and University Services to deliver inclusive teaching, learning and support
  • Training staff across UAL to develop intercultural awareness and constructive skills in working with students from a range of cultures
  • Improving students’ career opportunities by providing specialist and tailored language and intercultural teaching and learning resources to support global working 

Strategic Priority 3

To work profitably and responsibly through a programme of activities in our specific areas of expertise

We do this by:

  • Supporting the UAL brand with high quality preparation and short term programmes which contribute to full-time student recruitment
  • Developing a diversity of provision with personalised and flexible learning options to suit a range of learners and purposes
  • Being an active, collaborative constituent of Academic Enterprise, concerned with customers, learning and the creative journey