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The engagement workstream is led by Julie Dark (Head of Internal Communications) and Scarlett Langdon (SU Welfare Officer). Find out about the workstream's projects below.

Course rep system

The SU have a fantastic system of electing course reps across UAL as a way of making sure every student in every subject area has the chance to give feedback. We're working on making that system even better...

UAL and the SU are working together to make the course rep system more effective.

One way we're doing that is by looking at a new election process that encourages more students to vote for their representative.

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Welcome experience

When new students join UAL, there is so much going on in lots of different places and the welcome experience can really vary depending on where you are...

The engagement workstream is working on making the student welcome experience a consistently good one, from clear communications, to making friends for life during Freshers' Week. The areas particularly being looked at are:

Printed welcome materials

Every student at the moment can be inundated with leaflets, booklets and flyers telling them all sorts of information about being a UAL student and what's going on. The project aims to streamline this so that every student receives a printed welcome guide containing everything they need to know and signposts for where they can find out more.

Digital content

There are numerous websites and pages students can view to find out where the best cheap eats are, what there is to do in London, how to make the most of being a UAL student, and so on. This project aims to streamline all that information so they can find it all in one place.

Freshers' Week (and before and after)

UAL, the SU, and the individual colleges all put on a host of fantastic events throughout September but sometimes there is too much going on or events are duplicated. This project aims to join up all the different events happening across UAL to welcome students throughout September and October and ensure that no student misses out if they arrive early or late.

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