Popular Culture and The Interior

Seditionairies image used for Ben Kelly Theme Announcement - Popular Culture and The Interior
Ben Kelly RDI

In August 2014, Ben Kelly, UAL Chair in Interior & Spatial Design (2013-2016 Project) announced the theme which he would be working with during his tenure as a cross-university Chair at University of the Arts London:

‘Popular Culture and the Interior’

Ben is interested in the ability of iconic interiors to effect and influence the direction of popular culture and the wider world. As an example, this effect has been demonstrated by the power and influence of Malcolm McLaren and Vivien Westwood’s shop at 430 Kings Road which has morphed its way through five decades from punk to couture in the form of Let it Rock to Sex and then Seditionaries and, most recently, to Worlds End. From this one small interior, via the platform of popular culture, music, fashion, graphics, law, society and its values have been simultaneously embraced, challenged and confronted.

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