EVENT 2: Archive Breathing

Archive Breathing

Archive Breathing - Offering Rites, David Toop 2014
David Toop 2014

05 Apr 2014, Professor David Toop UAL Chair of Audio, Culture and Improvisation presented Archive Breathing (Part of the Offering Rites series)

In collaboration with Elaine Mitchener, Dam van Huyne, Jason Yarde, Cathy Lane, Russell Ackerman-Callow, Andrea Zarza.

What is an archive? Is an archive a place where memories lie sleeping, a nursing home for ghosts, an empty room of creaking floors? Is all of the anxiety invested in archival preservation just a death duty paid to unfulfilled life? Trash on the streets; a prehistoric forest exposed as a beach is washed away by rain; the clatter of wooden machinery; fragments of old music becoming new music; a recording of place in one moment heard in another place, in another moment; the scent of herbs recalling the passing of ancestors: are they all archival objects?

History as defined by the victors – how can those archives be opened and turned until they breathe? How can the archive be a living entity? Without words or matter, where does the archive exist? Where, if anywhere, is the site of truth within the archive?