Ghost Series

GHOSTS: Alia Syed - panopticon-letters-film-still
Alia Syed - panopticon-letters-film-still 2014

The Ghosts Series is a series of single work and focused displays featuring key art works from a range of British Black and Asian artists exploring ideas around technologies, subjectivities and contemporary art practice.

UAL Joint Chairs of Black Art and Design Professor Paul Goodwin and Professor Sonia Boyce sought to investigate how artists have interrogated the complex relationships between technology, subjectivity and strategies of art making in an age of migration, globalisation and dispersed diaspora identities.

What can art tell us about the transformation of gendered, class and racialised subjectivities in our techno-cultural and information rich societies? What does a critical art practice look like today? What are the excesses that hover as a ghostly spectre around forms of representation and its technologies?

These are some of the questions that the displays by contemporary practitioners selected attempted to address across the University of the Arts London which started in November 2014 at Chelsea College of Arts.

GHOSTS: Technologies/Subjectivities

Part of the GHOSTS programme of exhibitions and events, this discussion traced an alternative genealogy of contemporary artist’s exploration of technology and techno-culture in Britain through the practices of two pioneers in the field of new media art: Keith Piper and Gary Stewart.

This event was also part of the Chair's Present Series.