Cultures of Resilience (The Project)

This film introduced by Professor Jeremy Till (Head of Central Saint Martins/UAL Pro Vice Chancellor), sees Ezio Manzini share his proposal for the Cultures of Resilience project at UAL.

A UAL-wide initiative with the title Cultures of Resilience, the goal of which is to build a “multiple vision” on the cultural side of resilience by putting together a set of narratives, values and ideas that are coherent in that they are all based on resilient systems, but in many other aspects they are very diverse.

A multiplicity of images that, like the stones of a mosaic, may generate a larger one: a mobile, dynamic, colourful vision of a resilient, sustainable civilization.

Ezio Manzini, who held the role of UAL Chair of Design for Social Innovation (2013-2016 Project), supports the theory that Art and design communities can bring an original blend of creativity and reflection to the quest for more resilient societies. In this framework, and with this perspective, he felt UAL can do a lot too.

UAL is already contributing significantly through the multiplicity of projects and initiatives in which it is involved and which are, de facto, going in this same general direction. Nevertheless, "today, there is the need, and hopefully the possibility, to take a step forwards and define a project capable of aligning existing activities and, on this basis, to realize a bold initiative": a “second level project” that is a co-design process capable of involving several teams in the university, of capitalising on-going projects, of extending their reach, and of involving other external actors and, in this way, of enlarging UAL’s contribution in the transition towards more sustainable ways of being and doing.

Disruptive Abundance: A scenario in which more is more

Part of the Chairs Present Series programme, on 9 October 2014, Professor Ezio Manzini hosted an in conversation with Josephine Green and Professor Jeremy Till (Head of Central Saint Martins).

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