Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods (23 Oct 14)

Sleaford Mods Jason Williamson, lead singer and musician Andrew Fearn in conversation with Professor Scott King, UAL's Chair of Visual Communication

Nottingham band Sleaford Mods are invariably labelled as “John Cooper Clarke meets Wu-Tang Clan”, “Shane Meadows meets the Sex Pistols” or even “ Suicide meets Half Man Half Biscuit”, but they are none of these things. Sleaford Mods are a strike-force: unique, vitriolic, horrible and hilarious.

Now (almost) routinely described in the press as ‘The Best Band in Britain’, Sleaford Mods are a great antidote to the Mumfordisation of British culture. Here Scott King speaks to Jason Williamson about his musical influences, personal history, the media, his politics… and the seemingly unstoppable rise of Sleaford Mods.