S.L.A.A.G. (Study Group on Latin American Art and Theory)

S.L.A.A.G. started as the Study Group on Latin American Art & Theory in March 2010 and was the first research student-led seminar on that topic at University of the Arts London. It was designed and created by three UAL PhD students based at TrAIN (Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation). They were Maria Isabel Arango, Caroline Menezes and Sara Angel Guerrero-Rippberger, who invited other research students from UAL and Essex University to join the discussion. 

Since its formation, S.L.A.A.G’s goal has been to create an ongoing dialogue about art and theory from Latin America and the significance of this field to art theory in general. The group meets regularly to discuss and share bibliographic references and knowledge about the notion of Latin American art, about local identities and histories. It relies on its members sharing expertise, insights and questions and the collective dialogue serves to fill in the knowledge gaps in each student's individual area of study.