Practices of History

Section of image 'I was a Rich Man’s Plaything' from the Bunk series of prints by Eduardo Paolozzi, 1947, courtesy of the CSM Museum and Study Collection.

This research is grounded in history, through reference and resonance, whether writing about popular culture, art or architecture, or developing cutting-edge exhibition designs.

The research outcomes range from academic publications, exhibitions and conference papers to museum narratives, journalism and public events. Subjects cover a wide spectrum from 19th century comics to theories of gender and postmodernism; from the history of taste and patronage to film and aesthetics.

Many of the researchers teach on the BA Criticism, Communication and Curation and the MA Culture, Criticism and Curation courses at Central Saint Martins. MA students are welcome to attend events, as well as the PhD students who are being supervised by members of the group.

Research group convenor: Professor Caroline Dakers

Group members

Recent activities & outputs

  • 4 May 2016, Identity Futures event: Identities are often acknowledged within the context of a physical, virtual or cultural construct of who we are. But in an increasingly multicultural and digital landscape, what is the future of identity in an age where we meander between physical and virtual landscapes.  Are our identities transient or do we simply adapt our identity with our environment? This research interest aims to explore new paradigms and constructs of 'identity'.
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