Fashion Business Innovation and Research Hub

Close up of legs and shoes, walking
Georgina Goodman photographed by Kevin Davies

Hub Leader: Rosemary Varley (Research Coordinator for the Fashion Business School, London College of Fashion)

It is widely acknowledged that the business of fashion is complex, fascinating and valuable to the economy. Estimated to be worth $1 trillion globally in 2014 the fashion industry is a financially and culturally influential business sector. Bending traditional economic rules and disrupting familiar theorising, the fashion industry requires creative and flexible management approaches. The industry embraces niche businesses alongside global conglomerates, whether design, production or retailing led, and so enterprise and entrepreneurship are at the heart of the fashion business world.

Specialist business and management research, including branding, marketing, retailing, and entrepreneurship, is increasingly an essential component of a far-reaching arts and design higher education institution.

Key research themes are driven by all aspects of the Creative Economy (CE), supported by LCF’s business incubator, Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE) and the Executive MBA (Fashion).

  • Brand authenticity and identity in omni-channel media-retail environments
  • Enterprise and creative fashion business management
  • Incubation, SME cultures
  • Creative Industry Business Models
  • Sustainable business practices intersecting LCF's Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF)
  • Aesthetics and luxury
  • IP and related legal aspects

This hub brings together a group of researchers with a common interest in investigating how fashion business and management can be improved and refined using the creativity that is innate within this industry.

This group meets regularly and provides support to existing and new researchers by providing a space for dialogue and exchange of ideas, as well as project and working paper development. We collaborate with academics and business practitioners across the globe to share different perspectives and perceptions and to develop multi-disciplinary projects.

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