European Academy of Participation (EAP)

EAP aims to develop a curriculum and training resources on participatory skills and practices to meet the growing demand from the not-for-profit sector. A syllabus, a course and teacher training, blending distance learning with practice-based teaching are some of the outputs expected.

Principal Investigator: Dr Silke Lange
College: Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London
Primary Funder: EU funded Erasmus + Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership in Higher Education
Funding Period: September 2015 – August 2018

Project summary

The ambition of EAP is to tap into the existing potential of higher education and the unique and hard won endeavours of creative projects and organizations scattered across Europe that are engaging the public as active agents in their work. Through their cross-fertilisation both sectors impact on the diversifying societies of Europe, capitalizing on participatory practice in the arts.
September 2015 – August 2018


The resources target postgraduate students from the humanities and the arts and practitioners such as artists, trainers, teachers, curators of cultural organizations from the third sector seeking further education.
A benchmark document will be validated and published for the use of educators and practitioners.

The course, an intensive 2 months, low-residency module jointly offered by Universities will be developed by the consortium and assessed through an iterative process of pilots, to engage stakeholders, test, evaluate and refine the course.
The first pilot, hosted by UAL took place in July 2017. 60 participants from across Europe took part in a range of workshops, evening lectures, collaborative and reflective practice and intensive evaluation.


The 10 institutions led by the Goethe Institut come from 7 European countries and include 4 universities: National University of the Arts Bucharest (RO), UAL (UK), Université d’Aix Marseille (FR), Universidad de la Igelsia de Deusto (PT); 4 cultural organisations: the Goethe Institut (DE); Castrum Peregrini (NL), ACERT (PT), Avrupa Kultur Denergi (TR); and 2 umbrella organisations: ELIA (NL) and Create Ireland (IE).