Student artwork taped to wall
Image courtesy of UAL

The Exchange provides professional development and funding to support the development of student and staff sustainability literacy, and environmental sustainability.

Professional Development

Colleagues who would like to learn about the implications of sustainability for teaching and learning and develop a pedagogic understanding of learning for sustainability can enrol on the Learning for Sustainability unit, which is part of the MA in Academic Practice 


Curriculum Development Funding enables colleagues to test out new ideas and develop curricula. Although sustainability can be a difficult concept to integrate into a course, it provides a lens to evaluate subject knowledge and guide student-centred learning experiences that can contribute to a transformative student experience. 

Examples from funded projects include: 

  • The development and testing of toolkits for students to evaluate the sustainable impact of their projects 
  • Nature-based experiential learning 
  • Bio-manufacture and growing materials for making 
  • Use of Mindfulness to understand connectedness 
  • Establishing a ‘scrap store’ 
  • Creation of databases to inform sustainable design decisions