Assessment Feedback

Image courtesy of UAL
Image courtesy of UAL

What is the Online Assessment Feedback Tool (OAT)?

The Online Assessment Feedback Tool (‘OAT’) - accessible via the ‘Assessment Feedback’ link in Moodle - enables academics to produce assessment feedback which students can access online - via the ‘Assessment Feedback’ link at the top of the Moodle homepage.

Why use the Online Assessment Feedback Tool (OAT)?

OAT offers several key benefits to students, including feedback that is:

  • Timely – making it particularly valuable for students executing subsequent work
  • Legible
  • Detailed and accessible

Using OAT, course teams can:

  • Grade assignments against the University Marking Criteria online
  • Give students clear, accessible and timely electronic feedback
  • Send provisional grades to QL, the main registry database

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