RAS Conference

Towards a Progressive Arts Education: inclusion, change and intervention – Conference/Exhibition

'Towards a Progressive Arts Education' was the first conference on arts education in the UK to examine how the issue of social justice and identity intersect with socially defined experiences of creative education, inclusion and the curriculum.

The conference took part on 6-8 November 2013 at the British Library Conference Centre.

The programme included papers from international and national renowned academics in the field of education, workshop-based dissemination of RAS research findings, an exhibition and private view event that included a reading by the novelist Bevaristo Evaristo from her new book Mr Loverman (Penguin 2013).

Keynote speakers included:

Professor Kerry Freedman

Professor and Division Head of Art, Northern Illinois University, USA Author of ‘Teaching Visual Culture’ and co-author of ‘Postmodern Art Education’.

Keynote speech: ‘Turning Art Education Outside In: How Institutional Change Can Support Contemporary Practice

Dr Kalwant Bhopal

Reader in Education, Director of Postgraduate Research Degrees, Southampton University. Author of ‘Asian Women in Higher Education: shared communities’ and co-author, ‘The Experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic Academics’

Keynote speech: 'We tend to stick together and mostly stick to our own kind”: British Indian women and support networks at the university'

Frederic Fovet & Heather Mole

McGill University, Canada

Keynote speech: 'Universal Design, access and inclusion: when the paradigm shift in disability service provision forces a re-examination of the notion of inclusion in higher education'

Professor Dan Goodley

University of Sheffield

Keynote speech: 'What is Critical Disability Studies?'

Other speakers and contributors

  • Dr Kate Hatton (Head of Inclusive Education Programme, UAL) 
  • Sylvia Theuri, PhD candidate: ‘Black African students and the Art and Design educational space’
  • Dr Peter Oakley (RCA)
  • Peter D’Sena (HE Academy)
  • Professor Doug Boughton (Head of The School of Art, Northern Illinois University)
  • Dr Michael McMillan
  • RAS project staff at UAL as well as research papers from academics and practitioners from arts universities at Brighton, Leeds, Cleveland, Southampton, Melbourne, Rome and Zurich.